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Alumni Profile : Kevin Gebert

Kevin Gebert

Kevin Gebert is currently an investment analyst for Holualoa Companies in Tucson. Prior to starting at UA, Kevin earned his Eagle Scout in 2006. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance at UA and completed the Master’s in Finance program specializing in fixed income in August 2011. During the program, he participated in the applied portfolio class, worked as a graduate assistant for the UA Investments Office, and held an internship with RMH Investment Group.

When asked to share something people wouldn’t expect, Kevin described that his first business experience “was when I got the idea to sell candy for profit at my middle school. I made about $500, mostly in dimes and quarters, before I was told that selling food wasn’t allowed because it created competition with the school vendors and violated the school’s contracts.”

As an investment analyst with Holualoa, Kevin’s role has been varied—analyzing venture capital deals, real estate, hedge funds, and derivatives. “In that sense almost all of my classes from the finance program have been helpful. I use what I learned in derivatives and the fixed income classes when we fix our floating rate loans on properties. I use what I learned in venture capital when going through due diligence and valuation of new companies. The general valuation and modeling skills I learned in the program have made it an easy transition.”

Kevin particularly enjoyed the fixed income, credit risk and interest rate modeling classes with Professor Lamoureux. He noted that, though “the courses covered information on the esoteric financial securities that got businesses and the country into trouble in 2008, understanding those complex instruments and having the ability to work in that analytical environment is very important.”

A suggestion Kevin offered to current students, “I would certainly recommend pursuing the CFA designation to anyone going into the investment field. Kevin stays connected with UA and the Finance Department, in particular, “because I feel I gained so much by going through the programs. As more alumni stay connected to the program, our professional network will grow.“

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