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Finance Course Offerings

Required courses for Finance students are offered fall and spring semesters. Select elective courses are offered during fall and spring, as well. Courses range from 1 to 3 units, and are subject to change.

Follow a link below for normal offerings of classes, or scroll down for all courses:

Required Courses

FIN 360. Quantitative Financial Management
The main objective of this course is to gain understanding of the theory and practice of financial decision making. This course develops the tools and framework necessary to value projects and firms.
FIN 360L. Quantitative Financial Management Techniques (1 credit)
A discussion and practice course designed to develop and review the quantitative techniques required for FIN360 and future finance coursework. Specific topics include time value of money, financial calculators and a statistics review.
ACCT 400C. Intermediate Financial Accounting
A one-semester course addressing selected topics from the theory and methodology of contemporary accounting for assets, liabilities, stockholders' equity, net income, cash flows, and analysis of financial statements from a user perspective.
FIN 412. Corporate Financial Problems
Advanced financial problems of the firm: capital structure, valuation, reorganization, recapitalization, growth, and failure.
FIN 421. Investments
Operation and analysis of the stock, bond, and commodity markets; theory and practice in construction and management of investment alternatives.
FIN 498L. Senior Capstone (1 credit)
An eight week culminating experience for majors involving a substantive project that demonstrates a synthesis of learning accumulated in the major, including broadly comprehensive knowledge of the discipline and its methodologies. Senior standing required.

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Elective Courses

FIN 391. Preceptorship (1 credit)
Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of instruction and practice in actual service in the department.
FIN 401. Analyzing Financial Information (1 credit)
An in-depth overview of acquiring, manipulating, and analyzing financial information, specifically for finance majors. Three Bloomberg Certification opportunities are available through Bloomberg's online certification program--Equities, Fixed Income and Foreign Currency Exchange.
FIN 413. Financial Modeling
The primary objective of this course is to "marry" corporate finance theory with practice. You should develop the ability to use finance concepts to solve practical finance problems. In particular, we will focus on the use of a spreadsheet (e.g., Microsoft Excel) to develop models that can be used in the financial decision-making process.
FIN 414. International Finance
International finance markets and the financial management of the multinational firm.
FIN 422. Risk Management and Derivatives
Examines how corporate financial managers and investors manage risk using derivative securities, such as options, swaps, futures, and forward contracts. Emphasis is on managing financial risk.
FIN 423A/B. Applied Portfolio Management
To apply classroom learning to an active management of a $750,000 student managed portfolio over two semesters.
FIN 431. Financial Intermediaries
Financial markets and institutions; effects of economic conditions and government policy on financial institutions, the flow of funds, and interest rates; term structure of interest rates; financial institution management.
FIN 460. Real Estate Finance and Investment
Investment analysis of real estate. Sources and costs of financing. Secondary markets and government programs.
FIN 480. Finance for New Ventures
Role of entrepreneurship and innovation in financial integration. Proforma statements. Development of venture capital.
FIN 493. Internship (1 credit)
Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of training and practice in actual service in a technical, business, or governmental establishment.

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